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Cutting Edge Patent Lawyers In Minneapolis

Patent protection for your invention can be critical to securing your company’s commercial position, whether your ultimate goal is for your company to sell your invention itself, or whether you hope to license or sell your invention to one or more other companies.

All patents are not created equal. The strength of your patent depends on the experience and expertise of the lawyers drafting your application and your patent claims. Our lawyers are unique in that each of us that practices before the United States Patent and Trademark Office also litigates in the courts. We draft strong patent claims that potential licensees or buyers will want to license or own; that your competitors will respect; and that the USPTO and courts will uphold.

A Trusted Intellectual Property Firm For Your Patent Disputes

Our lawyers are uniquely positioned to handle USPTO post-grant proceedings. With our combination of experience in both patent prosecution and litigation, we can represent you well at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Our team has successfully handled many post-grant proceedings, including:

  • Covered Business Method (CBM) proceedings;
  • Inter partes Review (IPR) proceedings;
  • Post Grant Review (PGR) Proceedings;
  • Reexaminations;
  • Interferences and;
  • Ex parte Appeals.

Get The Guidance You Need From Our Proven IP Lawyers

Our experienced patent lawyers look forward to helping you explore your patent options and protect your intellectual property. Start the conversation today by calling 866-804-8678 or completing our online form.