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Experienced Attorneys For Technology-Related Contracts

The technology sector continues to churn out innovative software, hardware and other technologies that were unthinkable only years ago. Despite the constant innovations by inventors and developers, the good old fashioned contract is still the foundation for protecting technological intellectual property (IP).

In Minneapolis and surrounding Minnesota communities, you can turn to the proven IP lawyers of Padmanabhan & Dawson, PLLC for help with all of your technology contract needs. We will be your strongest advocate every step of the way, from drafting new contracts to enforcing the terms of your existing contracts.

Trusted Guidance For Inventors, Developers And Inventors

We provide skilled representation and attentive service to individuals and businesses that are parties to technology-related contracts, including those focused on:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) agreements
  • Procurement contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Proof of concept
  • Data and content development
  • Cloud services
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Do not worry if your specific area is not listed here. Our entire practice is dedicated to intellectual property, and we look forward to tailoring a solution to your unique circumstances and goals.

Protect Your Interests With Our Help

Your technology-related contracts are too important to leave to chance. Our experienced IP lawyers can make sure your legal and financial interests are protected. Start the conversation today by calling 866-804-8678 or by completing our online form.