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An Intellectual Property Law Firm In Minneapolis, On The Cutting Edge

We at Padda Law Group thrive on learning all of the intricacies of your game-changing technology, as well as understanding the solutions you have crafted and challenges you have met as you leverage that technology to meet your business goals.  We are uniquely qualified to work with you to provide additional solutions and meet current and future challenges.  Our attorneys have deep legal and scientific backgrounds to help you as we work together to continue to build upon the success you have already achieved.  Learn about our backgrounds below:

The Padda Team is a potent sword or shield for you to wield as you journey toward achieving your highest business goals.  Each seasoned member of our team has spent their career practicing technology law.  Technology law is a notoriously complicated and ever-evolving area of law that Padda Law Group does not believe should be “dabbled in.”  Too much is at stake and you deserve a team that knows the issues because it has done only this day-in and day-out for decades.  The Padda Law Group team is also exceptional in that we have worked together as a team for most of – if not all of – our careers.  We are truly a well-oiled machine that does not waste any time internally as we deliver your solutions.

The Padda team has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in large and small cases in nearly all technology areas, including mechanical, pharmaceutical, and computer software and hardware cases.   The team has handled all areas of technology disputes, including patent, copyright, and trademark infringement lawsuits, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secret cases.

Protection Of IP Through Litigation And Alternatives

The Padda Team knows and understands that not only is your company’s technology the heart of your company, it may also be your life’s work, passion and dream.  If your technology has been infringed or misappropriated, your company’s very existence may be jeopardized.  If you find yourself in that position, Padda will help you put a stop to your competitor’s unlawful conduct and/or make them pay for their actions.  We are technology litigation pros, finding you solutions through early settlement or through jury verdicts affirmed on appeal.  When forceful legal action is the only way forward, we stand ready to represent you vigorously in litigation in any court of law.

Enforcement through the courts is lengthy and costly.  Depending on your case, Padda may be able to help secure funding so that your business has an opportunity to fight.

Customized Legal Solutions For Technology Businesses

We will work together to decide how to best protect your innovations.  We will help you answer the following question:  What solution makes the most business sense? When we help you answer that question, we will explain for example:

  • the pros and cons of each solution;
  • the requirements and process for each solution;
  • how to determine how the existing market may affect your decision (are there existing patents out there, and, if so, how relevant and strong are they, is your technology in a crowded field, is there another technology out there that poses a problem or opportunity).

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We look forward to hearing about your IP protection needs.