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Lack Of Funding For Litigation Need Not Stop Your Meritorious Technology-Related Claim

Whether your technology is covered by a patent that has been infringed, consists of valuable trade secrets that have been misappropriated, and/or has been used contrary to a contractual agreement, regaining rightful control over your technology back can be a long, expensive road.  If your company does not have the resources to defend your rights, we may be able to help find a solution. Companies may meet the challenge of financing technology-related litigation through financial partnerships. Such arrangements can include contingency-fee agreements that give your law firm “skin in the game”” and/or litigation funding agreements with third-party funders.

Depending on the merits of a case, Padda Law Group sometimes accepts cases on a partial- or full-contingency basis, with or without additional third-party funding that Padda Law Group helps secure. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss your case.

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