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Proven IP Lawyers For Your Breach Of Contract Litigation

You have put your heart and soul – not to mention your finances – into developing and implementing crucial technology for your business. Unfortunately, all it takes is one business partner, vendor or other entity not upholding their responsibilities to derail your efforts. If a contractual dispute is placing your bottom line at risk, it is crucial to have an experienced intellectual property (IP) lawyer looking out for your legal and financial interests.

In Minneapolis, that means turning to Padda Law Group. We do not simply practice IP law, we truly love IP and everything about it. We are fascinated by this quickly developing area of the law and work closely with our clients to find innovative solutions for obtaining and protecting their intellectual property. We look forward to working collaboratively with you to resolve your technology-related breach of contract issue.

Are You A Victim Of A Breach Of Contract?

You kept your word. Unfortunately, they did not. Facts and evidence are the foundation of a successful breach of contract lawsuit. Our skilled IP lawyers will thoroughly examine your contracts and related issues to determine your options. If your counterpart failed to meet the terms of their contract, we will aggressively pursue a settlement or verdict that provides you with financial compensation for the losses you have sustained due to their breach of contract.

Are You Being Accused Of Breach Of Contract?

Doing everything by the book does not guarantee you will not run into problems. Whether due to sour grapes, spite or incompetence, it’s not uncommon for people to look for scapegoats when things fail to go as planned. You can rely on our attorneys to review your contracts and demonstrate that you met the terms of your contract. We will engage in negotiations, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods to lessen the likelihood of full-blown litigation. However, we will be fully prepared to go to trial if necessary to protect your interests and reputation.

This Will Not Go Away On Its Own

It is important to act quickly if you face the threat of litigation. Call 866-804-8678 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.